Support Orion

Orion is a WebKit-based browser that brings the best of Safari, Firefox and Chrome in one place. And Orion is truly unique in a sense that is fully supported by its users, aligning incentives of all parties involved.

We have no ads, affiliate links, tracking, telemetry, search engine deals... - nor we ever want to have those. If you are a believer in paying for things you want to exist, and you want to support an independent browser doing something unique on the market you have the opportunity to do so.

By supporting Orion you directly help fund the project and our mission. Your financial contribution will help us stay independent and deliver the best web browser. We have multiple payment options available, please see below.

Support Orion with credit/debit card payment

Use the button below to initiate payment with our payment processor (Stripe).

Note, you can subscribe multiple times to amplify your support. Or if you feel like a mega supporter and are in the position to make a difference, we have the following option for you.

Support Orion with PayPal

You can also use PayPal to specify any one time or recurring payment amount to support Orion. You can also specify a purpose of your payment (for example to support fixing a specific bug or developing a new featured). You can manage your payment with PayPal.

What are the perks of supporting Orion?

The greatest perk is the satisfaction of supporting an independent, carefully crafted, user-centric web browser. In addition, we are working on making the following perks also available:

  1. The ability to influence product development (your vote counts more on orionfeedback.org)
  2. Direct communication with the development team (email/discord)

Note, we are still working on these (should be available by September 2022), and you will be automatically notified.

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