Orion Browser by Kagi

Very fast. Zero telemetry.

Lightweight, natively built with WebKit, made for you and your Mac.1
Industry-leading battery life, privacy respecting by design and native support for web extensions.2


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Orion browser

Certified snappy.

Built on WebKit, Orion gives you a fast, smooth and lightweight browsing experience, without holding your device’s battery hostage.

And with Orion’s deep integration with native technologies, like Keychain or Live Text3, you’ll feel right at home while using it on macOS or iOS/iPadOS.

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Bring your favorite extensions.

Orion offers native support for many Firefox and Chrome browser extensions allowing access to the world's largest eco-system of browser extensions.

We're still in the process of expanding our extension support to include all available options. Simultaneously, we're working on bringing this feature to iOS and Orion is the first browser that allows you to install select web extensions directly from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-Ons on your iPhone or iPad.

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Privacy by design, like no other browser.

Orion has been engineered from ground up as a truly privacy-respecting browser. We did it by embracing a simple principle - Orion is a zero telemetry browser. Your private information will never leave Orion by default.

And to protect your privacy on the web, Orion comes with industry-leading anti-tracking technology as well as a powerful built-in ad-blocker.

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Privacy comparison Orion Safari Firefox Brave Chrome
Zero telemetry by default
Blocking 1st party ads by default
Blocking 1st party trackers by default
Blocking 3rd party ads by default
Blocking 3rd party trackers by default
Download Orion beta today.
Available for macOS and iOS/iPadOS.
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1. Orion is currently available for Apple macOS, iPadOS and iOS. We are planning support for other platforms in the future.
2. We have ported the Web Extensions API to WebKit, allowing Orion to run Chrome and Firefox extensions out of the box. This support is still experimental while we are in beta and some extensions may not work properly.
3. Live Text is a macOS feature allowing to interact with a text in the photo, currently supported in multiple languages.

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