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Kagi Browser for Mac.

Faster than Firefox or Chrome and more powerful than Safari.

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Certified snappy.

Built on WebKit, Kagi gives you a fast, smooth and lightweight browsing experience, without holding your device’s battery hostage. And with Kagi’s deep integration with native technologies, you’ll feel right at home while using it. It’s the best way to browse the web on macOS and iOS.


All your favorite extensions.

Kagi supports Firefox and Chrome browser extensions that use the Web Extensions API natively, without requiring any modifications or conversion. Whether you prefer getting them from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-Ons, your extensions are just a click away.

We’ve already added support for some of the most popular Web Extension APIs on macOS, including webRequest, and we’re working on supporting the rest–as well as bringing support for as many as we can to iOS, so you can still enjoy using your extensions when you’re not at your computer.

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Available for macOS and iOS.

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